Print News and Analysis

Current Affairs – Bimonthly magazine that ruthlessly critiques modern American life through the work of writers who are often ignored or unpublished by major mainstream outlets. Also features satire, puzzles and tons of visual appeal.

Jacobin Explicitly socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture – led by a younger cadre of politically astute socialists – popular with Occupy movement – and edited and published by DSA Vice Chair Bhaskar Sunkara. There is also a robust and popular reader group program.

New Politics Aimed at a broadly left-wing audience interested in serious responses to the dilemmas and challenges of our time – DSAer Jason Schulman is a Co-Editor.

Monthly Review An independent socialist magazine with a commitment to a radical critique of capitalism and neoliberalism, and to the building of a just society.

Dollars & Sense Publishes economic news and analysis by providing real world examples – a good introduction to economics

Socialism and Democracy – Committed to showing the continuing relevance of socialist politics and vision

In These Times  Focused on advancing democracy and economic justice.

The Progressive – Investigative reporting, political commentary, cultural coverage, activism, interviews, poetry, and humor.

Z Magazine  dedicated to resisting injustice, defending against repression, and creating liberty


Dissent – Quarterly magazine publishing and reporting on issues related to labor and political activism since 1954. Listed as a non-profit intellectual journal, Dissent has featured some of the very best in contemporary political argument and thought.

Mother Jones – Investigative reporting publication dedicated to uncovering the truth behind the spin

CounterPunch – Leftist publication that describes itself as “muckraking” in nature. Reports on politicians in both major parties with an extensive approach on environmental and trade union issues, and American foreign policy especially in regards to Arab-Israeli Palestinian tensions. Many of its writers are harshly critical of the “conventional wisdom” approach of larger outlets.

CounterPunch Front Page

The Intercept – Infamous among circles of government and corporate power, the Intercept launched in 2014 with its reveal of the NSA’s involvement in the U.S targeted killing program and its reckless practices. Through the work of famous investigative editors such as Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill, Intercept has become a focal point on everything from the Edward Snowden leaks, to in-depth reporting on mass incarcerations’ brutality and the abuse of corporate power.

District Sentinel – A news co-op headquartered in DC that covers a wide range of public policy from a progressive perspective. Founded in 2014, the site features sections on the domestic security state, labor/environmental issues, foreign policy and tech/communication policy.

Viewpoint Magazine – Viewpoint Magazine aims to understand the struggles that define our conjuncture, critically reconstruct radical history, and reinvent Marxism for our time. Viewpoint is therefore neither a socialist news source nor an academic journal. It is a militant research collective.