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Lyle Jeremy Rubin (RocDSA Co-Chair) — Appeal for a Reinvigorated Veterans Movement

Published by the New Labor Forum on April 13, 2017

Appeal for a Reinvigorated Veterans Movement


Karen Vitale (RocDSA Co-Chair) – Appearance on WXXI’s Connections with Evan Dawson – What We Can Learn From the Failure of the ACHA.

Trump supporters don’t want their healthcare taken away, and the political moment is ripe for discussions of single-payer healthcare.


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Alfred Vitale (RocDSA Co-Chair)- “Sacred Cows & Elephants In The Rooms”

Tackling issues in social science, academia and left politics.

RADS Co-Chair, Alfred Vitale, with Allison Hurst- Academia’s Other Diversity Problem: Class in the Ivory Tower”

Published by The Hampton Institute on December 20th, 2016

Ariel Cruz- “Body Count’s ‘No Lives Matter and the tightrope walk of modern protest music”

Published at on February 18, 2017

Various DSA members as signatories- “The Left Is Under No Obligation To Support Hillary Clinton”

Published in both Democratic Left and In These Times

November, 2016

Lyle Rubin (RocDSA Co-Chair)“As a Former Marine, America’s War-Making Haunts Me — It Should Haunt Our Politicians Too. “

Published on The Nation blog on April 12, 2016


Lyle Rubin (RocDSA Co-Chair)“A Former Marine Explains All the Weapons of War Being Used By Police in Ferguson. “

Published on The Nation blog on August 20, 2014

Karen Vitale (RocDSA Co-Chair)Finding DSA’s Niche in Rochester, NY.”

Published on the Democratic Left blog, June 6, 2016

Tom Messmer- “Trauma Tango”

Published at, April 2005

Ariel Cruz- “Elder’s Game: Modernity, Mormonism, and Aesthetic Intuitions about Religious Legitimacy”

Published at, November 14, 2012.

Ted Brown- Two articles, paywalled but available for the timebeing by request at the link below.  One is comparing Bernie and Hillary on health care policy and the other exploring the Black Panther Party’s approach to free community health care.
Enquire here.